innovation in South Africa

We believe in the human capacity to innovate as a means for growth and breaking barriers. For innovation to thrive, individuals must be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. We also believe in the wisdom of the crowds, where collective input and effort drives further innovation. To us innovation is not an esoteric pursuit but rather a continuous search for creative solutions to address every day problems and challenges.

Innovation has become a key differentiator in business as well as society. As the world battles to balance increasing demands with ever reducing resources, new ways of thinking and doing are required. We live in an age where rapid and disruptive change is the new normal. “What was” is no longer acceptable. “What is” has a limited lifespan. “What can be” becomes the new obsession as corporations compete for market dominance and international prominence.

Innovation is about simple solutions to every day problems.

  • It is about new ways to bring electricity and water to the people;
  • creating new opportunities for youth to become gainful participants in the economy;
  • finding new ways to attract and retain students in the formal education system;
  • ensuring better access by society to quality health care;
  • reducing bureaucratic processes;
  • helping communities to take charge of their own welfare;
  • reducing electoral fraud
  • improving access to goods and services, etc.

Innovation ranges from developing completely new solutions to reimagining existing processes, tools and technologies to come up with new ways of doing things.

We are challenging our Youth to put on their thinking hats and join this exciting world of innovation. Do you have a burning idea that you wish to develop further? Have you come up with a prototype for a solution that you believe can change our world? Are you already implementing a working solution and wish to reach a bigger audience and market?

Innovation often starts with a simple idea, which if well nurtured can grow to become a great idea.

Business Development Canada IBDC) has offered a 7-step idea generating technique called SCAMPER:

  1. Substitute something
  2. Combine it with something else
  3. Adapt something to it
  4. Modify or magnify it
  5. Put it to some other use
  6. Eliminate something
  7. Reverse or rearrange it

To help you sharpen your innovative ideas, have a look at what school children are doing in India –

Post your idea here and stand a chance to win a smartphone. If your idea is selected for further development, then more benefits will be coming your way.

Not all ideas turn into useful products or solutions. The first significant step in going from idea to product is creating a realistic prototype. Prototyping is about rigorous testing of an idea to ensure that it passes the harshest criticism. Assumptions are questioned, and alternatives are explored. Intellectual property rights are key to successful prototyping. It is therefore important to conduct thorough research to ensure that the prototype does not breach existing IP.

VisionITSolved has a proprietary process called Ideas to Reality (I2R) that guides potential developers towards the development of a market ready end product.

Post your prototype here and stand a chance to win an iPad. You may also be called upon to partner with us to develop your prototype further.

AnswertheCall shall screen all solutions submitted and evaluate them against predefined criteria. Solutions that are of critical interest to AnswertheCall, and that meet our qualifying criteria, will be eligible for:

  1. Incubation at our Innovation Centre located at the Campus in Bryanston.
  2. Access to seed fund to develop the solution further.
  3. Coaching and Mentoring
  4. Business support (Legal, Intellectual Property, Technical, Commercial, etc.)