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Digital Transformation


VisionItSolved core competencies lie in digital transformation strategy and innovation, customer and employee experience design, intelligent automation

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Mobile Solutions

mobile solutions

VisionITSolved also plays an active role in promoting the use of mobile technology by government and communities to address service delivery needs.

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Social Collaboration

social collaboration south africa

VisionITSolved constantly researches new products and services for social collaboration, and works with partners to bring these solutions to the market.

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Cloud Computing

cloud computing south africa

VisionItSolved works with partners to package and deliver cloud computing services to customers, and has access to dedicated data centres for this purpose.

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Intelligent Automation

intelligent automation

VisionITSolved harnesses the power of automation, AI (Artficial Intelligence) and other leading technologies to drive business efficiency and transformation.

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Managed Services

managed services

Managed Services provide you with peace of mind, while allowing you to focus on what you know best. VisionITSolved delivers value-added managed services….

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